What credit options are available? See which one is best for you

Before borrowing money it is crucial to understand the different types of credit services and their values ​​to know which is the best alternative that will help you get rid of debts or make a trip. With that in mind we have brought this article with the main modalities of personal credit and its characteristics so that you can make the perfect choice! Look:

Payroll loans

The payment of this type of loan is deducted directly from the paycheck or from the retirement. Interest rates can be more attractive, rotating at around 25% per year, with payment terms of up to 72 months.

Bank financing

In the case of real estate financing, the interest rate is around 12% per annum with approximately 360 months, considering the assessment of your profile. Since the auto financing the term paid payment decreases, generally for 48 months, with interest that revolves around 23% year on year.

This modality is only recommended for those who want to buy a good, such as housing and vehicle, not suitable to pay off debts.


This type of credit is offered by a merchant to the customer who is making a purchase, it is known as direct consumer credit, where the store can give you that credit to pay a purchase in installments with terms around 10 to 48 months . However, be very careful when accepting this credit because interest rates are usually higher.


By taking money from your account without realizing it, often you are already in debt and pay the extremely high interest of the bank, which revolve around 325% a year.

As an example, if you are owed $ 100 reais for a year on your overdraft, you will pay $ 325 reais directly to the bank. So be very careful with this type of credit.

Credit card

Credit card is a good option for those who know how to use it wisely, because if you are always paying the minimum and using the card’s rotary, you will be paying a much higher interest rate than the overdraft. to reach 363, 9% per annum.

Personal loan

This modality is increasingly popular and allows small loans for the most varied payments. Interest rates can vary greatly depending on the financial, since each will have its rules, approval rate, credit analysis, etc.

Currently you can apply for a loan without leaving your home. A more convenient, faster and less bureaucratic process.

If among the alternatives you choose the personal loan, count with the Financial Group, we guarantee 100% of security, and the best one, is online!